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The "Tellington TTouch Every Animal Method" (TTEAM) developed by Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD is an approach to care and train animals in a gentle and respectful way. This method is supposed to strengthen the human-animal relationship and enhance the animal's health, well-being, performance and learning[1].

The Tellington Method comprises bodywork (Tellington TTouch), groundwork/leashwork, and functional exercises, which helps the animal to find physical, mental, and emotional balance. It is considered to release tension and enhance body awareness in the animal. The animal's self-carriage (posture and balance) and thereby its self-confidence is positively affected, which results in a better self-control. This helps the animal to act instead to strictly react, i.e. the animal learns to adapt to a range of different situations[1][2].

Tellington TTouches are movement and touches (i.e. circles, slides, lifts), which are very soft and and simply move the skin. Therefore, the touches affect rather the cells of skin and sub skin than the muscles. Body wraps are also used. All touches were named after the animal it resembles or to which it was first applied.

The Tellington method is applied in veterinary practice to reduce stress and promote relaxation in the patient so that assessment and treatment are facilitated[3][4][5].

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