Blood sampling of pigs

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I am looking for a less stressful way of pig blood sampling (and less labour-intensive for the staff).  Currently, we use a rope snare (with additional holders if adult Landrace X) to obtain standing samples (or v-trough for smaller/younger pigs).

I searched the internet trying to find some sort of hydraulic sampling hammock system that the pigs could be trained to walk into, but have not been able to find anything.  I was looking for something similar to the Zinpro Feet First chute, but with sampling access points.

Does anyone have a pig sampling system they would recommend?

Ellegaard make a pig sling for mini-pigs, but I have never come across anything for adults. An adult sow can be 250kgs and a boar 300kgs, so it would probably need a fork-lift to pick these up anyway. We use the jugular vein for all ages and restrain by a snatch unless <20kgs, when some people prefer them restrained on their backs in a trough. If only a very small blood sample is required from an adult pig (<5ml), you can try the marginal ear vein, but I very rarely (never) use this, as in my hands it is usually obtained drop by drop.

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