Intra-ocular injections

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We have one group who would like to perform intraocular injection of AAV (up to 1 ul) in mice of different ages, starting from neonates at P1.

They plan to immobilize the neonates by cooling them on ice (this is not anesthesia as already discussed in another VOLE's email thread) and to separate the fused eyelids by incising along the raphe with a 30-gauge needle. Once the lids have been separated they will proptose the globe and then inject the AAV.

Do any of you have any experience with intraocular injections in neonatal mice?

What's the max Vol you'd recommend for P1 and did you see any infection happening once the fused eyelids are separated?

I’m not at all happy with that analgesia or immobilisation - it should be possible to inject through the eyelids without opening them under a proper anaesthetic.

At a very rough estimate the vitreous volume is about 3 ul so I’d be asking them some hard questions about the potential welfare and scientific adverse effects.

There is a detailed description of the technique here.