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The text on this page is taken from an informal compilation of opinions of contributors to the online VOLE List. As such, they are not peer reviewed and may contain differences of opinion. Those wishing to contact the list may contact Adrian Smith.

I'm drafting assessment criteria and actions for dehydration in rats and mice. I would like your opinion on:

- Any sign of slow return of raised skin = 5% dehydration -> oral or parenteral fluid administration

- Skin tenting = 10% dehydration = parenteral fluid administration + contact Designated Veterinarian (DV)

- Pronounced skin tenting / sunken eyes / listlessness = 15% + dehydration = contact DV to consider whether to treat or to euthanasia.

Here are some references:

Bekkevold et al. (2013): Dehydration parameters and standards for laboratory mice

FLSC (2019: Rodent Dehydration and Treatment Policy

What I found helpful is that weight loss should also be associated with dehydration, so I would consider it in the checkpoints.

Also, I would add the amount/type for fluid replacement (I concluded to 0.1-0.2ml LR/10gr sc).

You can also consider adding more accessible water/hydrogels.